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  • Mandoline Slicer with 5 Blades

    I’ve a very similar Vegetable slicer bought from LIDL a while ago for similar price as the Mandoline. The container of both the products are almost similar, what makes this stands out are the ease of replacement and sharpness of blades

    5 different styled blades, you can cut the vegetables in any shape and thickness you want. With the assistance of holder / spike you can safely cut through most of the vegetables, but some need to slide through hand - in that instances careful with your fingers as the blades are extremely sharp. Images 5 and 6 on product page will surely help, if you struggle to figure out what blades are for what vegetables.

    We are Vegan family, and the vegetable slicer has a permanent place in our kitchen worktop. Mandoline slicer is not bulky as LIDL one, because the blades are kept actually kept inside and the handle blends into body. Biggest advantage is the clean cut and the time it saves.

    There is also a brush included to clean, but I never used it, as straight under running water cleans the blades and the container without much effort. The blades can be stored in a separate slotted container, that fits right into the slicer container.

    Overall a great design and must have kitchen gadget. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks and what you get exactly.

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