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  • Luxebell® 17-in-1 GoPro Accessories Kit

    Any GoPro knows that you can never have enough number of attachments. In many occasion I wished for having a permanently attached mount in concert hall, gig arenas, in-car and even inside home.

    I have had several attachments in the past, all bought separately that costs a lot of money. Big bundles are always expensive and comes with a lot of attachment that are not required in my case. But with Luxebell® 17-in-1 (not physically counted), without spending a lot of money you will get decent amount of mounts, clamps and associated attachments for GoPro or compatible cameras like SJCAM.

    Tried to group the attachments as you see in pictures, every single item is very good quality and mostly made of ABS plastic. Other than the tripod all of them are extremely good and great use for me.

    2* Flat Surface Attachment, 2* Curved Surface Attachment and 5* 3M Double-sided Adhesive Pad are of great use for me in car and home, where I can fix and forget it, so that any moment slide in the clamp and use the camera whenever required. Chest and head strap sets are made of soft material, so it will not hurt you for prolonged use.

    Selfie stick is so compact that can slide into a pocket, Bike mount is good quality that can take shocks and bumps in road. There is also a clip attachment that is useful when you don't have a surface mount. I've not used the water pack mount, but assume it will float the camera in water. There is also a soft pouch bundled in the pack. In addition to all of the the accessories, there is a carry case to carry Gopro and basic minimal attachments.

    Overall, amazing quality and great value for money - you will get all you need for many rounds. Car mount is good for flat surfaces or windscreen, There is also a cycle mount / handle bar mount included. One more thing that I'd like to include in the pack is a draw string bag. There are few items that I don’t see that often included in the pack (separate pic). Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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