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  • LENSOUL Smartphone Wide Angle Lens

    A review is not enough to describe how good these lens are. If you wish to see full resolution picture, please ask me. These are so good and no degradation in quality with the lens on. 2 of the attached pictures are from same frame / angle to compare.

    Comes in a neat box the Lens with 2x camera attachment clips, a pouch, cleaning cloth and lens end cap. Out of the box straight away you feel the quality of the lens, very well built with rubber coated material to avoid any scratches to your expensive phone. The clip is tight, but it has be like that and still works with cases and without cases.

    One important note: Rear of the lens, the openings is so tiny (as with any wide angle lens) make sure you align it carefully to your camera lens opening, otherwise you will get a slight blur wherever it objects the clear vision.

    I'd definitely recommend these as these will step up a notch (with versatility) with your mobile photography.

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