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  • Leapair Stainless Steel Vegetable Holder & Slicer

    Simple - but very useful. This is the most used Kitchen gadget ever used. No more worries about chopping my fingers.

    Not sut the package only says “Onion Holder”, this is useful for a lot of Vegetables (We are Vegan family) including Onion, Potato, Cucumber, Carrot or almost anything that need to be cut. It’s sharp on edges, strong to hold and precise to cut.

    Then handle has enough grip to hold without slipping. The unit is made of stainless steel and handle is ABS Plastic. Other than the convenience, the cuts looks professional too. Initially you may find slightly inconvenient but once you get used with it, the preparation time will be considerably lower.

    Overall a must have gadget for kitchen, that saves a lot of time, neat cuts every time and most importantly safety. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks.

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