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  • LE 3W Warm White G4 LED Bulbs - 10 Pack

    Got this pack to replace kitchen cabinet down lights. This is slightly dimmer than a 40 water halogen but better colour temperature.

    Comes in the box, 5 packs with 2 lights in each pack. Finish and circuit are very neat and appears to be good quality. This set directly replaces the circular down lights under the cupboards. The are very low profile and easy to fit. LEDs are directly mounted on to Circuit board, but don’t worry that will not be seen once you fitted.

    Just took 5 minutes to replace all the bulbs, but make sure your transformer is LED compatible - otherwise your bulbs may flickr or last only short amount of time. There were days when LEDs were expensive than Halogen, but now LEDs are cheaper with lot of variety. They are 3W each and has 280 lm brightness. The colour temperature is really warm and pleasing to home environment.

    Overall great set of lights, total of 10 LED lights in 5 packs - please do check out the pictures to see what you actually get and how it looks.

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