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  • LE 12W A60 B22 75W LED Bulbs 5 Pack

    Got this light pack other day and my plan was to use it in living room ceiling lights, but all the plans got changed after seeing the light in action. These bulbs are absolutely amazing in terms of build quality and brightness. I've attached plenty of close up pictures so that you can have a closer look.

    These are really bright lights and suitable for very large rooms and they are daylight / cool white in colour (approximate colour temperature of 6400k). They have B22 fitting and 12 watt power consumption.

    I ended up using it for back lighting for film recording. They are brilliant for that purpose. I'll be buying at least few sets of these to complete the set up. Current bulbs consume around 300w each bulb but these bulbs consumes only 12 watts of electricity but emit 1050lm of light.

    Overall great set of bulbs, please do check out the pictures to see what you get and overall idea on colour temperature

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