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  • Keynice Sports Armband for phones up to 5.8" Size

    I tried and tested a lot of waist bags for my daily jogging, as I need to carry my phone, some notes and coins as I tend to do small shopping on the way back. Waist bags are only convenient while walking, at least in my experience. Then I used arm bands, but the space is too restricted and cannot carry keys, money or a card and the phone. Also even a light rain I’ll start getting worried.

    Then I got the opportunity to try out Keynice arm band with pockets. I’ve been trying this for a whole week and now in a position to write my notes about it. It is comfortable, practical and plenty of storage. The band (or bag) has 2 wings on both ends under the straps, which will give you comfort even when you slightly over tighten the straps. Regarding practicality, the phone goes into larger pocket, even larger sized phones (tested with Galaxy Note 5) fits fine and there is a small vent for earphone wires, so you don’t feel uncomfortable at any point. And the Storage, as said it fits larger phones, and the small pocket can be used for Cards, Notes or coins.

    I’ve tested it in light rain, the water repels from the Lyra material and no signs of water inside even after 30 minutes of continuous usage. It may not withstand a drop in pool or heavy rain, but that’s not the intended purpose of the case. Something worth to note, if you wear the band straight on to arm without a top it will not slide down even after a longer period of usage. But depends on the type of cloth you wear and if you happen to wear a long sleeve, the band might slide down slightly, still usable without a problem as it stops around the elbow.

    Overall a great arm band (or best to call arm bag), please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life.

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