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  • Kealive LED Solar Spotlight 2W Solar Light

    All the good things I personally feels - Very very bright, New model highly efficient Solar panel (easy to differentiate: older ones has a silver lining in the middle), lot of flexibility in mounting the unit.

    Comes in a recyclable branded box, the light itself in full unit but you have plenty of room for adjustments. Also included a manual, ground spike if you plan to fix on ground or some screws / wall plugs if you wish to fix the light on wall.

    There are 5 LEDs totalling to a brightness of 200lm light unit. Perfect for outdoor use with IP65 rating. The lights are powered by a 18650 battery with 3.7V / 2200mAh power. There are plenty of adjustments to direct the light unit and solar panel in the direction you wish to place. Light is in day white colour and has 2 intensity settings, which can be adjusted via a toggle switch in the back of solar panel.

    Please check out the pictures for a closer look on how you see these in real situations. Overall a well put together, that works fully in the night assuming you have a decent daylight to charge these. One thing to note, when mounting to a wall, add a 1” wood block for getting the solar panel in exactly horizontal position, otherwise there will always be a slight slope.

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