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  • Intsun 5 Inches 360 Degree Rotation Clip-on USB Fan

    In short, relatively quieter than many USB fans out there, non-rechargeable and 2 speed settings. Slightly on the larger side, but sturdy and solid.

    USB Fans, had so many including some well known brands - all failed in many ways, sometimes too loud, some of them are not powerful enough so some even run away from where I kept due to its weight! Honestly I didn't had much expectation, but this (not so) little fan surprised me in in terms of features and quietness.

    Biggest advantage is plastic fins / leafs - the shape stays in place, a lot quieter than metal counterparts, sleek looking, Micro USB port to charge to built in lithium battery, charging adapter is not included but you can charge using your existing adapter or laptop / desktop USB ports.The fan has a firm base, which also acts as a clip base which can be clipped on to any things. The clip has rubber padding to avoid any scratches.

    Comes in the box, the fan itself, a charging cable and a 3.5W output, 3.7V battery (in the fan) and a user manual. Entire unit is plastic, so make sure not to drop it. Fins / leafs are white in colour, but the fan is pale green in colour. It would have been nicer if they included a white colour option

    The fan has 2 speed settings with the support of a rocker switch, works on 5V that powered from your own USB power adapter, just the cable. Overall a very good fan with different mounting options. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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