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  • iClever 7-Color Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for OS X, iOS and Android

    To summarise, this is a full size keyboard and almost 99% match with my Macbook pro key board. All the alphabet and numeric key sizes are similar including the space bar, only compromise is on the less used keys which shrunk in width to 90% of actual size on Macbook Pro.

    Comes in a recyclable cardboard box, the keyboard, a charging cable and manual. The keyboard has a built in rechargeable battery. I’ve been using this for past 1 week or so, the charge is retaining very well and never needed a recharge since the first charge. Also paired up with iPad without any problem. It is easier to type much easier on iPad as I never been good with fast typing on touch screens.

    I felt no difference between Macbook Pro keys and iClever keyboard, except you need a hard surface to put the keyboard on. Keyboard alone on the lap may not work very well, if you are heavy and fast on keys. I think this is going to be a permanent accessory in my travel bag.

    Forgot to add though a fancy feature, many of you may like that this has backlit option is there with 7 back light colours. It supports most of the operating systems (tested iOS, Android & OS X). Overall a very good keyboard. Please do check out pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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