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  • Hylogy Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    This is my true experience and story. I always shy away from GP & NHS though a regular visitor with my Dad due to his Dementia / Stroke and related troubles. We have most of the equipments that needed for him to monitor his health, but never had a BP monitor since my old Boots one got damaged recently. Then I got asked to test and review Hylogy Blood Pressure Monitor.

    Dad always has BP on the higher side, it came out as expected with higher reading (close to the reading of District nurses log book). Then tested on daughter shown normal reading. I always believed I’m really a healthy person and never had a reason to visit GP (other than my migraine), but totally unexpected - tested my BP and it came out extremely high (pic attached). Tested again 4-7 times during different times of day for couple of days, but always on the higher side.

    Visited local pharmacist, tested there to reconfirm - HYLOGY reading appears to be correct! So a visit to GP is must, I think. Otherwise on topic HYLOGY BP monitor works exactly as any other BP monitors, comes with manual and the unit itself - you need to provide 2x AAA batteries. Memory function is very handy to record and monitor the readings - up to 90 readings for 2 users. Pulse indicator is also a nice feature to keep an eye on heart beat.

    Overall yes, I think this HYLOGY BP monitor is going to change my life if GP thinks I’m in danger zone - at least I’ll be getting into proper diet and active lifestyle. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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