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  • Homecube Inflatable Lounger

    Saw so many funny videos on youtube when this air sofa was beginning to trend in early 2016, but never thought I’d get one until I saw one in the park recently. Looked so futuristic and comfortable and straight away wanted one but then I got the opportunity to test one out.

    It’s all down to practice and correct technique in my opinion. Long hands help a bit, still the technique is important than actual wind. All you need is some air! There are 2 separate air pockets for both sides. Focus only on one at a time, just scoop the air as much in a single stretch, close immediately, open and try again - then you are done with one side. Do the same with next side, whilst holding the other side tightly so the air won’t escape.

    Then roll the ends couple of times, stretch both ends and join together with the attached clip, you are done. The main reason for failure is trying to scoop and spinning around for longer span. And if you are indoors and want to use the air bed / sofa, and you still not acquired the technique, just blow the fan up into the opening. in 4-8 seconds you are done.

    Once done and lied down, the sofa is so comfortable unlike any other sofa! Then you have some extra features like a loop to tie down to ground, side pockets for your mobile, water, books etc and also a pouch to carry the bag.

    Overall one of the must have stuff for Summer 2016, please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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