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  • HiMart Stick-on Anywhere Motion Sensor LED Light

    Yearly twice LIDL sell something similar to this at the same price, but the quality of the light and motion sensor is much better on this.

    Negatives? Nothing except it uses batteries to power the light - in an ideal scenario, it should be rechargeable unit. But I think and from my experience, the motion activated lights doesn’t need battery change that often. Motion sensor only has very less proximity (approximately 2.5m).

    Comes with 3M adhesive magnetic strip, which fits on the back. so you can mount in a fixed position, but in case of an emergency you can detach from the magnet and use elsewhere. 10 LEDs gives you decent coverage. I don’t advise to take the light out of the magnet and start using for something else. For that purpose you should get a rechargeable light.

    There is photosensitive element built into the light, so the light will turn on only when the room is dark. Overall a very good light for the intended purpose. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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