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  • Hiluckey 10000mAh Dual USB Solar Panel Portable Battery Charger

    In short, battery pack that charged by Solar panel or via Micro USB in case there is no sun. Clever idea for summer, but in winter we have to rely on Micro USB charging for sure.

    Hiluckey Solar Charger, comes with some great features including a flash light (better to say just light, because it has more spread than a flash light) and 2 USB charging ports. The portable power pack takes power in either from Sunlight or via micro USB. If you are inside the home, you can charge this from your regular 5V usb adapter or if you are away from home and not in reach of power, you can always rely on natural light.

    This battery pack is very rugged and take a lot of beating, all ports are well protected and surely survives from light rain. 10,000mAh is enough to charge many items at same time. The light attached to the battery pack is really good and has good spread of light. Also included a hook with Compass in the pack.

    2 devices can be plugged in simultaneously for charging, one with 1A and second with maximum of 2.1A. Forgot to say the whole unit is very rugged and has a thick rubber coating, so there is no way it will slip out of your hands.

    Overall a clever design, convenient and rugged. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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