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  • Aglaia 5W 3000K Warm White LED Ceiling Light with LED Driver

    5W only? Unbelievably bright, I’ve a lot of down lights in my kitchen, breakfast room and home recording studio. All are LED lights bought from local ScrewFix shop, I always believed they are amazing in terms of colour and brightness. But this Aglaia ceiling light is way too bright!

    I originally planned to install in the hall way, but this is too bright for the hall way. I may install this stairs with high ceiling, so the light spread apart a bit utilising the most of the lumens. Check out the picture of light that took in day light, you can see how bright it is.

    Comes in the box, the light & the transformer. The transformer unit is detachable with a single twist with a male-female connector. The light has a brushed aluminium contemporary unique look, so if you plan to install it with your existing lights, you may find it stands out from the rest, so better to find a place for single light unit installation, unless you order more than one. The heat dissipation system is cleverly designed as well with plenty of fins and correct material.

    The light is warm white in colour, 380lm (feels much brighter) and consumes 5W. Overall a great bright light with neat look. Please don’t forge to check out the pictures to see how it looks and what exactly you get. One thing I forgot to mention, you can switch the angle of light as well.

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