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  • GHB HDMI to 3 RCA Composite AV/CVBS Converter

    This little adapter connects between generations of technology. In my opinion, this is perfect when you don't need high resolution or not having enough HDMI inputs

    Comes in the package, just the HDMI to AV adapter and a USB cable to power the adapter. The adapter converts digital signal to Analogue signal that enables you to redirect your video and audio to 2 different directions, eg. Video to an old TV and audio to your powered speakers.

    What it makes interesting to me is to use with my old Google Chromecasts, I can get the google play music streamed via chrome cast that connected into this HDMI2AV box and get the audio out to my powered speakers ignoring the video part. This adapter works flawlessly for that purpose.

    Overall a great gadget and still useful in many ways. Please do check out the pictures to see the input / outputs and overall build quality.

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