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  • GHB Clip-on Microphone Mini Lapel Mic

    Lapel Mic - even the high end ones has its own limitations, but good for voice overs, podcasts and interviews.

    I run recording studio from home and has a lot of high end gear and moderately trained ears to pick up flaws in the sound quality captured with signal chain. I’ve got the opportunity to test out GHB lapel mic recently and decided to share my thoughts.

    Comes in a plastic bag - included the Mic with 1.5 metre cable with the end terminated by 3.5mm jack, the clip is attached to mic, also attached a wind shield. In the pack a spare wind shield and clip included. This only has unbalanced connection, so there is a chance to pick up interference if you run extension cables on this mic

    I’ve tested this plugging into smartphone and recorded a conversation in lossless format. Sounds very good with female and male voices. The mic was able to pickup the detail in the voice without any problems. The noise floor is bit high, otherwise hardly you notice any difference to expensive mics in similar category.

    Overall a very good mic, particularly at this price point. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks

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