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  • Fixkit Digital Manometer for Gauge and Differential Pressure

    There are 11 choices of units including H2O, bar, mbar, cmH2O. A very solidly built unit with very large display. Easy to read and mostly accurate.

    Comes in a recyclable box, the digital manometer, 2 PVC tubes, 2 Silicon tubes, Copper element, a very decent quality bag, 9v battery and a well written manual. Basically you get everything you need to get started. The unit itself is very solid and hard wearing with plenty of grip to hold.

    To test the accuracy I’ve taken to a friends place to compare with his apparatus. Tested in various conditions and there is a slight variation of less than 0.5% difference, which is negligible. The device can configure for auto turn off after a certain period of time. You can offset the readings by pressing the DIF button.

    There is also options for Backlight display, automatic power off, switching units and low battery warning. Overall a great device that can survive through daily use. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks

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