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  • ENKEEO Digital Hand Gripper Exerciser

    Got it for my daughter hoping she can benefit and strengthen her hands a bit more. She is a classical pianist who also plays guitar for hobby. Theoretically this should help up to some extend.

    I’ve tried myself initially, bit uncomfortable to hold - I thought my hands are not stretchy enough to hold the grip. Handed over to daughter and she found nearly impossible to grab. Then gone back to good old reading of manual, still couldn’t figure out from the pictures, but finally found out some spares in a secret location (check the pictures). Once fitted, all troubles resolved and easy to grip.

    Comes in a branded box, the gripper with battery already installed and activated (surprised!) and a user manual. Tucked inside in one of the handle, 2 spacers in different sizes. Please do skip through the pictures, it’s actually easy to take it apart and install the spacers. You can set the display to count, timer or calorie burnt.

    Overall a good device, you have to keep going without losing interest. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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