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  • EchoAcc WiFi App Controlled Toy Tank Car with Camera

    Consider this WiFi Toy Tank as a toy and not a serious gadget. The Tank creates its own WiFi hotspot and phone / tablet connects to it, pretty much similar to a bluetooth connection. Camera takes good pictures and video in day light, but questionable about low light performance. APP is pretty slow but that's okay if you consider this as a Toy / Fun.

    The tank is not silent when moving, so there is no way you can control and navigate into a room secretly and try to film. But on the positive note it can go anywhere, under the table, bed, sofa and still you can control / watch or record. Footage is recorded to Phone or Tablet, there is no onboard recording.

    Comes in the box, the Toy Tank, Manual and a charging cable. You can plug into any USB socket. APP is available on both Play Store and App Store. App works okay for a toy car. Little bit noisier than I expected, but it's mainly due to the tank style wheels, I guess. Camera also can be lift to a higher position via App control.

    Overall WiFi Toy Tank is great fun irrespective of the age, but you have to take it just as fun. Please do check out the pics and video to see how it looks in real world situation.

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