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  • Duduma White Polarised Sports Sunglasses DU646

    Don't put off this sunglasses because it doesn't carry big price tag or name! I also thought it's just another throw away glass after few rough use, but definitely not that case. Not only that, tried to flex a lot to test the claim in product description, Yes - it withstands a lot of beating.

    But Duduma unisex glasses proved me wrong. Comes in the semi shell case, the Glasses, cleaning cloth and a carry pouch - all in good quality. Please check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life and how much darker on a sunny day. They are so light weight and feels very comfortable on face.

    Frame is very light polycarbonate, with contrasting rubber edging. design is very sleek and stylish. The Glass itself retains true color, eliminate reflected and scattered light, provide softer and accurate vision (true to your actual vision). I did the bend test and the DU646 frame did fairly well and gone back to the original shape. Very durable.

    I chose the white colour to see how much it stands out from my rest the collection. I was not sure when ordered it, but definitely won over me. Overall very good sunglasses, please do check out the pics.

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