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  • BenGoo Gaming PC Headset with Microphone

    In short, Good quality headset with microphone, this can be used not only for gaming but for other applications too - or even to listen music from smartphone / computer.

    Comes in a branded box, the headset and a manual. Please note that this headset sits over the ear. There is enough of adjustments to fits on various size or shapes of head / ears. There is a bit of padding everywhere it touches the head. The cable has plenty of length to move around and it's of very good quality. Other end is 3.5mm plugs for audio and mic.

    The USB is to supply power for the lights inside the headset. Bit of novelty, but it cool to see the light changes. It also illuminates the printed pattern on the headset. Clever idea, I think.

    Sound quality is very good from both headset and mic. Works with Skype and other messaging apps. Google voice commands also works. Please check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life. Overall a good buy.

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