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  • AUKEY Wired in Ear Headphone with Dual Dynamic Driver

    I’ve been using this extensively for past few days. I wanted to make sure to offer the most accurate opinion of these headphones in short span of time. Made sure to burn in by playing music in moderate levels for more many many hours continuously before started listening, which I always do with speakers & earphones.

    Please note that these are relatively new to me, if there is any change in opinion I'll come back and update. But for a wired headphone, I don't think opinion will change unless there is a problem with build quality.

    Designed to fit into modern in ear headphones style, good looking in the style of real in-ear monitors like Shure & Ultimate Ears. The semi-transparent shell gives you a professional and traditional look. Comes with really good quality braided style cables, there is no chance to get tangled up. They are extremely light weight so won't fall of quickly. Comes with 3 sets of earbuds to get the right fit for your ear. Also the design of the cable is very unique and thoughtfully produced. Please note that the earphones are on the larger side, but when you get the right fit, it goes tight into ears and barely noticeable, you need to keep the cable over the ear.

    Sound Quality and sonic signature is really personal taste, but for me they are good for the price you pay. Bass is prominent around 30-70 hertz (only when you get the right seal), I guess I got the right bud to fit into my ears, which is the reason for low bass. There are plenty of eq settings on your phone, so adjust accordingly so you will get the best out of these headphones. Just make sure you take the cables over the ear, twist around the earphone for the best fit and then slightly pull out (70% tight fit in ear canal) and this will give you best bass response.

    Overall great pair of earphones with unique cables. The 3.5mm jack may not fit into smartphones with thick cases. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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