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  • AUKEY USB Type-C Hub : 4 USB Type A Ports

    No negatives as far as I'm concerned, the Colour is perfect match on my desk because all the set up on my desk are either brushed aluminium or White in colour. As a USB Hub & gigabit Ethernet adapter, this is very solid device. I constantly transfers loads of data over wired ethernet and wired connection is a must for me, so the Gigabit port is very useful.

    For a 2015 Macbook, this a must have solution though not ideal. But if you want to connect many devices with USB Type A connection like me, this is a very useful hub. I connect Logitech HD Camera, external SSD drive and couple of other flash drives all need to be connected together for various reasons. No issues so far and all works as expected.

    All the USB ports are backwards compatible, the connected USB cable has reinforced terminations, top of the device is white and surroundings are brushed aluminium. Please do check out the pictures to see the build quality and necessary info.

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