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  • AUKEY USB Type-C Hard Drive Enclosure

    My macbook HDD only has small capacity and majority of work is with Final Cut pro X and 4K material. I always run out of space irrespective of how many SSDs I carry. Recently I got 500GB SSD on Amazon Prime day deal and needed a case. So I got AUKEY SSD enclosure at the right time to test.

    Comes in a recyclable box, just the enclosure and and USB Type C cable. No tools required to open the enclosure, but just slides out with a push. SSD fits right into SATA port and once slotted in, there is no room for movement. But there is padding to remove any vibration or movement, just in case.

    Supplied USB Cable is very good and has reinforced terminations. Tested all day today with the current project. All the processing, writing, copying and even streaming. Worked brilliantly, didn’t noticed any lag or delay. Please note that I only tested SSD but not HDD.

    Overall a good and useful enclosure, feels good in hand that doesn’t feel too plasticky. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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