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  • AUKEY Car FM Transmitter USB Port - 3.5mm Plug

    Just plain good old FM transmitter all wired and top quality the to the point of FM receiver and from there FM take over to connect to your Head Unit.

    Connect your phone or iPod / any music player to the 3.5mm jack provided and other end to Cigarette lighter. The FM tuner will tune in with auto search function and you are set to go. There is no technology involved. This is the quickest solution for those who don’t want to upgrade the ageing factory head unit. Black colour doesn't bring in unwanted attention, all you have to do is hide away the cables neatly. There is 1 USB port in car charger, that provides power up to 2.1A depends on the gadget you connect.

    Biggest advantage is no complications with technology, all you need is tuning in to FM, which is relatively easy to everyone. Not to worry about the power too as it picks power from Cigarette lighter. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life situation. Overall a great device, that blends with car decor.

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