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  • AUKEY Car Charger 4.8A / 24W Dual USB Port built in a MFI Lightning Cable

    In summary, equivalent to dual port charger but MFI lightning cable is permanently attached to the charger and another USB socket to plug in the cable of your choice.

    Comes in the box, just the Cigarette charger with one USB slot and MFI Lightning cable attached slot.The whole unit and the attached cable are in black colour, so it will be discreet. I have tested MFI lightning cable with an iPad Air II which worked perfectly fine. The other port takes anything you plugged in with supplied current of 2.4A. The attached cable is of very good quality and charges as good (or even better) as the original cable.

    Tested the second port with Samsung Galaxy S6, iPad and Note 5 - All charges as expected, but no fast charging. Overall very good charging device or work as described. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real world situation.

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