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  • AUKEY Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Earhook Design Sports Headphone

    Please note that these are relatively new to me, if there is any change in opinion I'll come back and update. But I always make sure to burn in before I test and review any headphones, speakers or amps.

    Designed to keep in line with modern trendy in ear monitors, expensive looking considering how cheap they are comparing to the price we pay for earphones in olden days. The plastic construction is of a decent quality and they are sufficiently lightweight to stay put once you have put them on. Most of the headphones the days come with three different sizes of rubber tips and they appear to be of higher quality.

    These ear-phones use the Ear-Hooks to hold the phones in place. If you insert too tight, it will give you a muddy bass / closed sound. A nice gentle seal / shallow seal will give you the best sound quality. Take your time to fiddle around, try different earbuds and positions to get the best sound. These are slightly larger earphones, but ergonomics are excellent to it along with the shape of ear.

    The version of bluetooth is 4.1 and this offers the advantage of faster connection to your devices. Extremely easy to connect to most of the smartphones (tested with iPhone 6S, Samsung S6 & Samsung Note 5). Tested with Samsungs' S-Voice, which works perfectly fine.

    Sound quality is really a personal taste thing, but for me they are really good and worth a lot more than the actual price you pay for the headphone. Bass is slightly overpowering the sound stage, but overall open and clean with a slight peak around 10,000Hz. There are plenty of eq settings on your phone, so adjust accordingly so you will get the best out of these headphones. Charging is easy. Micro USB cables are supplied. Comes with 24 month warranty.

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