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  • AUKEY 33W Dual USB Quick Charge 3.0 Type C & Type A Car Charger

    In short, a very good Car charger with 2 USB ports including 1 Qualcomm Fast Charge 3.0 port and another 3.0A port for non quick charge devices but USB Type-C port, that has plenty of power to charge 2 devices simultaneously.

    Comes in the box, feature packed 33.0W Car USB Charger with 2 ports, one with smart enabled port and a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port, also included a 20AWG micro USB cable. Crafted beautifully in gloss black finish with printed specifications, that satisfies most of the needs. But at the same time, the unit is small and will not bring unwanted attention into the car.

    One of the USB charging socket is smart socket for detecting the power needed for device plugged in and giving the right amount into the port up to 3.0A current, depends on the requirement of the device plugged in, please note that this is a USB TYPE-C charging port. I’m currently using this in my car regularly and charges many devices at once including iPad, Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 4 and travel bluetooth speakers. Please note that iPhone 6/6plus charges only @1A and 6S/6S Plus takes upto @2A and they are not QC 3.0 due to the technology limitations of iPhone charging ports.

    Overall a very good charger with latest technology and enough power built in. Please check out the attached pictures to see what you get in pack and how it looks in real life.

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