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  • AUKEY 16000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank

    This is one of the best built battery pack I ever owned, very solid, brick style sharp corners! From build quality to functionality to convenience - this is really good. Comes in a recyclable brown box, Just the battery pack, a micro USB cable and warranty card.


    Outside body has Solid touch premium feel, with all the ports thoughtfully placed including the power button. There is no cheap plastic anywhere. We travel around a lot and need something durable to take the beating and rough handling. Please note that the pack is not very small comparing to some competitors, but has the quality and technology built in. Just looks like and built like a real brick, very solidly constructed!


    Equipped with Fast Quick Charging 3.0 feature, charges compatible smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge can charge several times faster than conventional power banks. 16000 mAh, though not tested fully I’ve tried charging Note 5 and Samsung S6 from almost empty to full and still the pack has plenty of charge left. I've also ran a USB powered fan for whole night and still more than half of the charge is left. Second USB port is a smart port, AUKEY calls it as AiPower that allows to give enough charge depends on the device you plug in up to 2.4A


    Along with the device itself, the product came with a high quality Micro USB cable, that can be either be used to charge the battery pack or charging a phone from battery. Please use this cable to charge the phone for your best result, as often the stock cables are not the best.

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