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  • AUDEW Car Rearview Wireless Reversing Camera

    In short, with average DIY skills you will be able to fit this reversing camera and Console. Everything is included in the pack. All you need to to is to find 12v power source in front and back.

    Multiple ways to connect, If you have time to chase the wires, you can directly connect between the reverse camera and screen, still you need 12V supply in both front and back. I’d think easier to get this done is to tap into reverse light for power, so the camera and screen / monitor will come live only when you put on reverse gear.

    The camera can go straight between the number plate lights, so there must be some wire inlets that you can use to pull the cables inside. The screen is very clear, though not tested in the dark. I’ve also tested wireless connection, easy to pair up without any hassle, but I prefer the wired connection.

    In the box, the 4.3” monitor, Camera, 2.4gHz transmitter and receiver, direct connection cables, cables needed to connect with wireless transmitter and double sided sticky pad for Monitor and screws for Camera. Overall a great buy, you get everything you need. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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