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  • AUDEW 72 LED 12V Car / Van Light

    12v Light, you can fix anywhere when you have 12 volts power supply coming in. Very neat looking and has 72 LEDs as advertised.

    In the box, the light unit with 72 LEDs in day white colour, not as bright as some competitors. The pack says 4.5W but no mention about lumens or colour temperature, but looks like 6000k and around 100lm, it is enough to light up in a car or small room / Caravan.

    I've deducted one star because the cable is too thin for my liking and safety standards. It must be okay for a low powered light, but I just have my own way of looking into things. Then the out glass protective case is not clean and has some scratches etc. You may also have to replace the sticky tape with a quality 3M or similar one. Otherwise all perfect as advertised.

    Overall a good product, please check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks in real world situation

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