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  • Atshark 10 Pack T10 13 LED 5050 SMD

    In short very bright light, which can be used all around the car. Major advantages are lower power consumption and bright light

    In the packet 10 T10 lights, each light contains 13 5050 SMD. They are in Warm white colour, so may not be the first choice in front for those who has day white head lamps. But you can use it for side lights, tail lamps, interiors and boot light.

    Tested and using it for a week or so, there is no CANBUS warning or errors so far. These are a lot brighter than the stock filament bulbs. I like the warm tone too. Overall, great pack of lights -I'll come back and update the status in a month or so on how it performing at that point. Please do check out the pictures to see the overall quality of the lights.

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