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  • Asscom 18" BBQ Grill Brush

    I look after my grill very tidy and clean, as I feel guests may see my personality and hygiene through what I have and what I use in home.  So I try my best to keep everything clean, but BBQ grill is one of the hardest to maintain for many reasons. Had many brushes in the past, some did okay job and then got the opportunity to test this ASSCOM wire brush.

    Holding in hand, straight away you fee the quality. Design and ergonomics are ideal and that combined with the quality and strength of bristles (wires) makes the cleaning effortless. The brush is relatively on the larger side, but the strongest I’ve seen too. No wobbling or movement, irrespective of how hard you scrub.

    Because of the very long handle, only less effort and strength needed to clean a large amount of area. Once everything cleaned and tidy, apply a bit of oil on the surface for the next round of BBQ party!

    Comes in a black bag, the ready to use BBQ brush and small silicone brush. Overall a great rigid brush, give the feeling that well spent money. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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