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  • ARIKON Plug-In Combustible Gas Detector Alarm Sensor

    Gas detectors - you know only when you face the trouble! But a must have alarm as important, or even more important than smoke detectors.

    For me personally, in the ground floor we have Range cooker & Boiler running and the Gas pips running into our home are quite old and it worries me always. My elderly parents lives with me and that’s always a worry whilst I’m away. I do have relatively smart connected home, but no smart detectors for Gas! So here is the simplest device I can get for peace of mind.

    Comes in the box the the Gas detector, Power cable, instruction manual, wall mount screws and wall mount plate. The unit is well constructed with proper ventilation for air flow. You can fix it on wall but you need a power outlet to plug this in. It also works on 9V battery, but not included in the pack.

    We have an Open plan kitchen and breakfast room where the boiler & cooking range is located. Decided to leave in Breakfast room as boiler, mains Gas supply and meter are situated there. The unit activates with a loud beep.

    The alarm is so loud, so you never miss it whilst at home. I’ve tested this out by running gas from range cooker whilst holding the Gas detector over the burner. Overall a very good unit, please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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