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  • ANKER Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount

    The days of pulling, twisting, falling off, suction cup are gone! Though I have not tested, I think the ball joint must be compatible with old Garmin style mounts.

    Comes in the box, the Magnetic dash mount (comprises 2 units - dash or windshield suction cup & magnetic mount) and a black (yes, Black, sorry for those who has white phones!) metal strips. Magnet is extremely strong that can lift a lot of weight, so be assured that there is no way your phones are flying off this mount. The suction cup is not the plastic ones but heavy duty sticky material that stick into curvy and patterned dash. My Nissan Juke has curvy and patterned dash and after 3 days I tried to take it out and it was nearly impossible to take it off.

    Amazing build quality, premium feel rubberised touch so Smart phones will be safe from scratches. You can permanently attach the metal plate to the back of your phone or simply leave it between your case and phone, so that magnet will hold it when i contact.

    The mount is noticeable enough to leave it in the car overnight. But you can remove the magnetic mount ball joint part when not in use. I always use it when I drive, particularly on weekends where roadwork diversions are common and Navigation is a must. A great product, stylish and strong.

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