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  • AngLink Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

    In short, it works! Not sure, it's cruel to use this device but better than all the other ways out there!

    We don't have any pets, so not sure how this impact on house pets. Comes in the box the Ultrasonic Pest repeller, a spike to attach to ground, some screws and manual. Placing on the ground works better for us. May be I’d fix on the lower panel of fence to keep it neat. Placement can be anywhere, as it is completely wireless. Rechargeable batteries can be charged from Solar cells or from a USB adapter or battery pack.

    There are plenty of settings on the repeller. Range / sensitivity can be adjusted by turning a knob, similar way you can set the frequency to distract different types of animals and in one or 2 settings flash light also included. I left it on 13.5KHz-19.5Khz, as my primary concern is only rats, dogs and foxes.

    I'm using this for past 4 days and there are some effects, though some behavioural changes can be seen and not many are coming through the fence. While observing I’ve seen some level of discomfort in pests before moving away, so it definitely works! Not harmful, but please do check if you have children at home - some setting might give them discomfort due to the sensitivity of ears.

    Overall a great device that works - definitely the best I’ve tested so far. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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