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  • Amir® 270° Adjustable Solar LED Outdoor Spotlight

    All the good things I personally feels - Very very bright, New model highly efficient Solar panel (easy to differentiate: older ones has a silver lining in the middle), lot of flexibility in mounting the unit.

    Comes in a well presented box, the light itself (2 units) in full unit but you just tighten the screws. Don't worry it's not broken, just easier way to package securely. Also included a manual, ground spike if you plan to fix on ground or some screws / wall plugs if you wish to fix the light on wall. Put together very well with ABS plastic and the unit is water tight.

    Each LEDs are 0.5 watts and has 50 lumens brightness totalling to a 200lm light unit. Perfect for outdoor use with IP65 rating. The lights are powered by a 18650 battery. There are plenty of adjustments to direct the light unit and solar panel in the direction you wish to place. Light is in day white colour and has 2 intensity settings, which can be adjusted via a toggle switch in the back of solar panel. The advanced version means the light head can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.

    Please check out the pictures for a closer look on how you see these in real situations. Overall a well put together, that works fully in the night assuming you have a decent daylight to charge these.

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