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  • Aglaia LED Head Torch with CREE T6

    In short, very compact, lightweight, bright as some bike headlights and comfortable to wear for longer period of time

    Because of the smaller size, the head lamp is unobstructive which is very important, especially when you do serious works. The light is unbelievably bright to power from just 4 AA batteries. I’ve tried out in and around home on various DIY jobs including a loft flooring that needed light and at the same time both hands free.

    I’ve tried outdoors too, just to test. The light cut through the darkness with a bit of spread, just enough to see surroundings but main focus is to throw the light a long distance. I’m sure Cree T6 has its own quality at the right amount of power. The elastic head strap is of very good quality and have enough adjustments to fit into any size of head.

    Comes in a recyclable box, the light unit and 4x AA batteries. The battery pack is enclosed in a rubber sock kind of box, so it must be water and dust proof. I’m pretty certain that this is not for under water usage. The straps are adjustable.

    Overall a very good headset, for me personally I’d love the inclusion of 18650 rechargeable battery which is more convenient but as another reviewer said - it might add weight to the whole pack. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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