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  • Aglaia 18W LED Ceiling Panel Light

    1260 lumens, 22cm width and just 2.4cm thickness - that gives you an overall idea how wide and bright the light is.

    Very very bright, but distributed well with a wide spread this light blends with the ceiling. The light itself, without switching on has white shade through out including the outer ring. Please note that the colour temperature is Cool White, but pleasing for eye and ideal for home office environment.

    Comes in the box, just the light and transformer needed. Transformer accessory is easily removable with a slight twist on pin-socket mechanism. So you have everything to plug straight into your power supply. Ideally detach the transformer unit from main light and use a connection block to connect the transformer unit. That way you don’t have to hold the light while using screw driver.

    I’ve attached a picture with light switched on in my living room sized 6.7 metre long and 3.8 metre width. Entire area and even you see the light spill over to my home office.

    Overall a great light unit, one of the best I ever used. Not fitted it, but will be using it in my home office. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks.

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