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  • Aglaia 10W LED Floodlight

    I owned many 10W LED spotlights in the past, but Aglaia seems much more brighter and compact in size. Build quality is wonderful with high quality enclosure.

    Original plan was to install in small side garden, but this has lot more brightness than the existing one, so decided to install in back garden. Tested it out, It has a very good coverage or around 5-6 metre spread, which is okay for a relatively small garden. You can double up if you need wider area coverage but for more distance 30-50W is needed.

    Comes in the box, just the light and a short wire attached. The outer casing is some kind of alloy / aluminium, very sleek and neat looking. IP66 is more than enough to survive through many seasons. The heat dissipation system is cleverly designed as well with plenty of fins and correct material. Attached clamp has enough adjustments to position the light in your desired way.

    The light is day white in colour, 700lm (feels much brighter) and consumes 5W. Overall a great bright light with neat look. Please don’t forge to check out the pictures to see how it looks and what exactly you get. Forgot to mention, the light is painted in black colour.

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