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  • ACEVIVI Professional 7 pcs Kabuki Pink Makeup Brush

    Got it for my daughter few days ago and using it since then. Just decided to share her thoughts on this.

    Comes in the pack, 3 large and 4 medium to small brushes for various applications and a carry bag. Brush tips are made of Synthetic fibre and handles are made of plastic. Though only 7 variety, it’s more than enough for most of the make up from face to eye and nose to lip.

    The texture and feel of these brushes are really great for blending of foundation, blush, bronzer and even highlighting. Out of 3 larger brushes you receive 2 of those are angled or semi-angled. Like the larger set, smaller set also follow the same pattern. Smaller brushes can be used for eye, lips and nose makeup.

    We are surprised with the quality of bristle, very soft but holding up well without much lose. The brush case also worth a mention as they are really good and compact and holds all the brushes. Handles are easy to hold and has nice grip to it. Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life. Overall a very good set with right amount of variety.

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