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  • VicTsing 2.4G WIFI - HDMI Display Dongle

    In short, works straight out of the box after you plugging in all the cables for Apple devices but android need software setup. Works flawlessly in both the platforms.

    Comes in the box, Chromecast styled dongle, a long flat ethernet cable, HDMI connection cable, Micro USB cable and a detailed manual. The dongle has Micro USB connection for power the device, Ethernet input for data feed and HDMI connection that goes into your big flat screen. Looks aluminium / alloy crafted, but plastic which is okay in my opinion

    Apple devices including iMac, Macbook Pro and iPhone 6, works almost instantly without any setup. Airplay is built into it but not chrome cast. There are so many ways to get this working, but quickest solution is detailed in manual. Either way, streaming / Mirroring works as detailed in product page.

    I haven’t seen the APP for android in Google play store, but can easily be downloaded from the link in manual or by scanning the QR Code. Overall a great device, the best thing I love about this is the ethernet connection, which gives you a solid connection all the time. Please do check out the pictures to see what you get and how it looks

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