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  • Homdox 20 pieces ABS Suit Coat Clothes Hanger review

    20 Cloth hangers in a pack for £16, yes - little expensive than cheap multipack ones but you pay premium for quality and convenience. Very well designed for a variety of use.

    Very thin profile but strong and has rubber coating to keep clothes in place without falling down. Made of ABS plastic with steel hook. Non slip rubber coating is the best part coupled with convenient design makes this good set of cloth hangers

    If the space is limited, each hanger can hold more than one style of clothing at the same time. Check out the pattern to see how easy if you just want to throw cloth into hanger or the small hooks or even the small slot to hang your ties, belts etc.

    Overall a very decent set of hangers that built from decent quality ABS plastic with rubber coating. Please do checkout the pictures for a closer look.

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