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  • VAVA Voom 20 Bluetooth NFC Speakers

    My new favourite? So close! Size vs quality, nothing can match for sure. In my opinion - if the speaker can make you believe what you are hearing, the job is almost done. If you already own a VAVA VOOM 20 or have the opportunity to listen, I've included a SoundCloud track that will blow you away.

    Edit: 24/10/16: I've been using this speaker with Amazon Echo DOT for past 2 days with Echo DOT powered from the USB out of this speaker. Works brilliantly so far. If you wish to save more power, you can connect via 3.5mm audio cable for audio. I've included a video clip below.

    Comes pre-charged, just tapped the phone and connected via NFC - put Adele 25 full album for a spin. Most accurate voice I can think of to test the openness of an Amp / Speaker combination. All the richness, sheer power, emotions and vocal colour reflected through the SK002 speakers without much difference comparing to other sources like Sonos Play:5 and ATH-M50X headphones. All you need to do is to make sure, the speaker is in your ear level and has some isolation between speaker and desk.

    Moved on to some incredible remixes of Rihanna’s BBHMM, you will get that sense of bass even in lower levels and goes all the way up without any distortion or cabin vibration. But the limitation of cabin shows off when you go higher levels. Bass always shines through when you have more room inside the speakers to design with. Because of the passive subwoofer design, bass response is slightly movie style (slow - rumbling style).

    Again came back with some classical music to see how it performs. Played all Chopin etudes Opus 10 in one go. Once again some great performances there, with rich, open and warm sonic signature. Other than the etudes, Nocturne in C Sharp minor is nostalgic in many ways, the little speaker reproduced all the emotions that I seek from that music.
    NFC, 5200mAh battery & USB Power Pack

    Back to technology, a self contained tiny speaker almost the size of a 500ml water bottle. Comes with Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and handsfree connectivity. 5200mAh battery gives you plenty of juice for several hours of playing. Bass reflex / passive radiators gives you bit of extra bass that you seek.

    Few tips:

    a. Keep the speaker in ear level for a more open sound.
    b. Putting in vertical position somewhat limits the stereo image.
    c. Just to be aware the limitation of tiny speakers ability of bass reproduction, particularly for those who are bassheads.

    Overall great speakers with a wonderful look and finish, sized like Amazon TAP. Please check out the pictures if you wish to see a closer real life look.

    Check this track out on your VAVA VOOM 20, you will feel the sheer power, openness and colour. 

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