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  • Telmu 3D VR Headset

    Arrived in a branded box, looks very expensive from outside and in the same way inside well packaged VR headset and manual. You will surely get the headset in shape without even a hairline mark irrespective of how much rough handling it got in shipping.

    The headset, the most comfortable VR headset I used so far with padded protection in most of the areas that get in touch with skin & head. Also has a 3.5mm cable attached which you can plug into your smartphone and hear the audio via built in earphones. The headphones sits on ear, make sure you adjust it correctly for best sound. The sound quality is very good, though slightly bass heavy.

    The lens / Glasses are made of high quality materials and there is no noticeable difference of quality in my eyes. The quality is stunning with my Samsung Galaxy S6 and gets that fully immersive experience, partly because of the built in headphones. You can adjust the distance between pupil and glass for an accurate viewing experience. The opening / flap is easy to operate and inserting and taking out the phone.

    There is plenty of free VR content to start with in Youtube, dedicated apps or the google search brings up some very interesting results. Youtube also has great VR content available

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