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    In short, a brilliant military grade IP66 camera that takes excellent video and pictures day & night!

    Comes in the box, the camera, straps to mount, cables and manual. Manual is easy to read and it will be easier to setup if you read it. Camera is wrapped in hard plastic weather proof case with some cut outs you needed to access the most. 8 AA batteries are needed to run the camera and can last up to 6 months on standby, but in British weather it’s going to be considerable lower for sure. 

    I’ve some reserve wiring going through the Garden that has weather proof sockets etc, so I managed to get an old 12V adapter and use it instead of 8 batteries, you will lose weatherproof as you are opening the port to run the wire, I applied some silicone sealant to give protection. Once installed on the fence, it’s hard to notice there is a camera there due to its camouflaged pattern. It’s going to be more hidden when the climbers on fence grow back. 

    During the test, the results were impressive in both day and night, motion sensing is accurate and fast, captured the moment without any delays and the picture / video were in high quality. Obviously there is a difference in night time pictures, but still very good reproduction of video / pictures. I’ve also noticed that there is a bottom bar showing the information of the event, including the date, time and temperature. The timer feature is also very handy for the times you don’t need the camera to record events.

    I’m going to leave it in Video+Picture mode, stuck a 32GB card and set to the highest resolution. Currently plugged straight into socket, but later I might put a (Samsung) Smart plug into the equation. May be later point of time, I’d try time lapse.

    Please do check out the pictures to see how it looks in real life situation.

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