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  • Patuoxun Door Bell

    Ordered to replace the ageing traditional door bell. I always wanted to install IP based WiFi door bells with 2 way communications, but the technology is still maturing and the wireless protocol standards like ZIGBEE are still not matured. I don’t want to end up with another hub to sit along Smarthings Hub, Philips Hue hub, BG Hive Hub and BG Smartmeter hub. It’s a shame that all works with same protocol but different standards

    So gone for the good old fashioned wireless chime. Straight out the box, very clean looking, sleek and match with contemporary interiors I'm impressed. Comes with push button that fits to door frame, wall plugs and screws, double sided adhesive pads, receiver units that plugs to a wall socket and manual.

    Our kitchen is 100 feet away from front door, bell works fine without any problems. Haven't had any interference from WiFi, Zigbee (3 variations) or Z-Wave. Second receiver I plugged in the landing of first floor, so all areas are covered in both floors. Left the tone / music in basic setting for daughter comes back from school and play around for her liking. Update: she is back and decided to set the tune to Beethoven Moonlight Sonata.

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