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  • Biodegradable bags

    Recycling always brings a bit of joy for me. Recently moved out of of the Central London council where we were supplied by biodegradable bags for some applications. In the current place where we live, no bags are supplied, so always has to buy from Amazon.

    Biodegradable bags - more popular as "dog poo bags” but can be used for various applications including food and vegetable waste, dog waste or anything you can think off that are biodegradable. 

    Then I got this bag pack and decided to try out. Comes in a recyclable box, 11 roles of biodegradable bags, a bag dispenser. Dispenser takes one roll of bags (15 bags) easily and pulling out bags are easy and precise. Not an overly large bag (8.7 x 13.8 inch), but just right to cover 30% of your hands. Tried the bag on dog waste for past 2 days and managed to pick and tie easily and securely, because of the size you still have plenty of space to tie up. 

    So far no leakage, slips or rips. Also tested vegetable waste yesterday and today. Really happy with it. Neighbour saw it today and got attracted just because the bright colour. It’s bright green in colour and I love it personally. Overall great biodegradable bags, please do check out the pictures to see what you get exactly. 

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