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  • Poweradd Camping Lantern

    I haven't seen anything else like this! In my experience, it's a great product for various applications.

    Comes in a recyclable brown box, the light unit, a charging cable and manual. No need for manual, the unit comes pre-charged. Power in takes 2.5mm input (cable included) or standard micro usb (clever idea!!). Power out takes standard USB to charge anything you want (5v) in case of emergency.

    The light targeted towards camping / outdoor activities but literally you can use anywhere or for anything. It is so bright, 200lm brightness is very bright! The colour temperature is just right, I'm absolutely loving it! 3000k-4000k, thats not too warm, but not daylight. The plastic hook can be used to hang these as lanterns.

    Please check out the pictures for what's it looks like in real life. I've got the light up bulb in day light to give you an idea how bright it is. I'll update the post later, when I get a chance to take pictures in night.

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